RENEW Parish Survey – Focus Groups

RENEW Parish Survey – Focus Groups

Thank you again to everyone that participated in our RENEW Parish Survey in the Spring of this year. The next phase of our parish planning process involves Guided Focus Group discussions which will help us explore further some of the main themes surfaced through the survey. 

Why did we do a survey and now focus groups?

For an overview of the process please watch the RENEW Parish Survey introductory video that we showed to the Parish in the Spring of 2018:

How can you participate in the Focus Group discussions?

Four Focus Groups are scheduled in September and all are welcome to participate (you may participate in more than one Focus Group).  Please note that we have a 60 person maximum for each session. The dates and topics are as follows:

September 23 at 1:30pm – Outreach
September 29 at 9:30am – Family and Youth Opportunities
September 29 at 1:30pm – Faith Formation  for Adults
September 30 at 1:30pm – Liturgy and Worship

Each session will last for 1.5 to 2 hours so please plan accordingly. The results of these Guided Focus Group discussions will guide us in updating the goals for these areas of parish life.

Please consider participating in these important discussions about the future of our parish. To sign-up please click on the link below. Thank you!