Welcome to the family! Here at Annunciation’s Youth Ministry we invite all teens searching for answers, friendship, and a deeper relationship with the God of creation to join us. Get involved, lay down your burdens, and get ready to dive deep!

Youth Ministry Updates

Inviting all Middle School and High School teens to Zoom with us!

Join us weekly for fellowship, reflection and GAMES. Please contact Nikki Neswold, Faith Formation Coordinator for Youth Ministry, at to receive a link for a parent to complete a permission form. Once that is complete you will receive a weekly email  with the link to Zoom with us.


What is Youth Ministry?

 Youth Ministry is about relationships; with peers, with a Core Team of young adults, and with Christ. It’s about walking a faith journey together and helping get each other to Heaven. It’s about learning not only the “what” of our Catholic faith, but the “why” and the “how”. We hope you’ll join us for the Youth Ministry events available for both High school and Middle school teens.

Nikki Neswold

Nikki Neswold

Youth Ministry

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