Culture of Life

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We are a ministry of prayer, education, formation and collaboration. We celebrate and value the dignity of the human person in both actions of outreach and in the simplicity of daily interactions and encounters while appreciating the gift of all of God’s creations.

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Rebuilding a Culture of Life

Our plan for rebuilding a culture of life follows the four sections of the USCCB’s plan.   Everyone can connect with least one section, while many people are involved in all four: n.   Everyone can connect with least one section, while many people are involved in all four:

  • Prayer
    • Pray daily. This is most important and it can be done by everyone – from toddlers to the bedridden elderly. As we’ve often heard, never underestimate the power of prayer.
  • Service.
    • Serve those in need – the homeless, the elderly, prisoners.
  • Advocacy.
    • Stand up for those persecuted and who are not loud enough or do not have a voice.
  • Education. 
    • Read – and share – materials from the USCCB and information from the Diocese of Orlandofor the official Catholic stance and position on a topic.
    • Attend conferences and workshops to become better informed.

Respect for Life is More than Protecting the Unborn

We are working hard to dispel one of the misconceptions people have about respecting life – that it only applies to the unborn. Certainly, much of our work is devoted to protecting the most innocent lives from abortion, but our respect for life doesn’t – it can’t! – stop with them.

Consider the respect life dimension in other areas of our society: human trafficking, immigration, welfare, prisons, homelessness, abuse, addiction, pornography, bullying, video games, music and the television industry. Our culture glamorizes violence, and it doesn’t hesitate to treat people as objects. All this occurs within a context that selfishly asks, “What’s in it for me?”

Lack of Respect for Others

Little by little, society has allowed the lack of respect for one another to become “normal” in our culture. We might say, “It’s not a big deal,” when children don’t learn “please” and “thank you,” or when children express “attitude” to adults and those in authority, or when foul language is considered part of the vernacular. Each time we have taken the “It’s no big deal” stance, we, as a society, have become more desensitized to respecting others.

Light in the Darkness

Even though it seems like our culture is dark and gloomy, there is a light in the darkness and that light is God. No amount of darkness can overcome this light and love. We need to pray for one another and to ask God how you and I can rebuild a culture of life in our society. God is the author of all life – from beginning to end. Each and every person is made in the image and likeness of God; each and every person deserves respect. Let us stand together as sons and daughters of God and shine His light every day in all we do for His honor and glory.