Culture of Life

Culture of Life

The USCCB has identified four areas imperative for fostering a Culture of Life; Prayer, Service, Advocacy and Education. Each of us has specific gifts and talents that can be applied in these areas. The Culture of Life is broad. It encompasses respecting all life and all the issues that threaten its dignity. Yes, abortion, but also euthanasia, human trafficking, immigration, welfare, prisons and capital punishment, homelessness, abuse, addiction, pornography, bullying and countless other offenses. If you feel called to serve our community in this ministry please contact Sr. Maria at  for more information.

Important upcoming dates

Join us for our First Friday Mass and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 7pm every month in the St. Gabriel Life Center.

9 Days for Life – Starting January 18, 2018

Save the dates – March For Life


Archbishop Wenski – Fixing immigration system doesn’t mean demonization

Bishop Noonan reflects on the sacred gift of life


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Diocese of Orlando Office of Advocacy and Justice

USCCB Respect Life Program

The Meaning of Life (part of the Way, The Truth, and the Life video series)

Personhood (part of The Way, the Truth, and the Life video series)


Updated statistics from the Florida Council of Catholic Bishops: Reported Abortions from 2006-2013

Death Penalty

The newest Culture of Life Series brochure, approved by the bishops of the Florida Province, is up on our website and ready for distribution.  This brochure highlights the problem of the death penalty in Florida and how our Catholic faith responds to it.  Click on the link to view the document:   Death Penalty Brochure

Natural Family Planning:

Celebrate and  reverence God’s vision of human sexuality

Discover Natural Family Planning

The Church teaches that the sacrament of marriage symbolizes Christ’s relationship with His Church.  What is this relationship but one of generous, self-sacrificing passion-filled and fruitful love!  When couples live their vocation according to Church teachings, especially with regard to the transmission of life, many benefits can be reaped.  Indeed, married couples who use Natural Family Planning (NFP) report that the benefits include: better communication between spouses; deeper understanding of each other’s bodies and consequent growth in respect and awe of God’s gift of fertility; growth in patience and emotional maturity; growth in understanding of the supreme gift of children; and growth in holiness as they seek to place God as the head of the household.

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