The Soccer Challenge has been rescheduled to October 15th. Registration begins at 2:30pm

The competition is designed for players ages 9 to 14 (as of September 1st) to demonstrate the penalty kick. Each player will be allowed 15 shots at the goal from the designated penalty line for their age group.  Points are awarded based on placement of the kick in the goal. This is the council event and district event. The winner moves on to the regionals in Melbourne. All are welcome!

Proof of age required.

Questions? Call Mike Duffy at 407-342-1490

Click on the fillable pdf below, complete the top section and print it out and bring it on October 15th.

Soccer Challenge Registration Form



Rules and Scoring

The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is a great way
to put your faith into action and provide an athletic outlet
for youth in your community! Competition is designed for
players ages 9 to 14 to demonstrate the most basic of
soccer skills — the penalty kick. Each player will be
allowed 15 shots at the goal from the designated penalty
line for their age group.
The goal will be divided into a series of five scoring
zones. The upper corners of the goal will be designated
as 20-point zones. The lower corners will be designated
as 10-point zones and the central region is a five-point
zone. To construct the five scoring zones, attach a piece
of rope approximately 6 1⁄2 to 7 feet in length diagonally
across the four corners of the goal as shown in the
diagram below. Use tent stakes to secure the bottom
ropes to the ground.
Each participant will be given 15 penalty kicks. Points will
be awarded depending upon the area of the scoring
zones through which the ball passes. For example, after
the player’s 15 penalty kicks, his/her scores are
5/10/20/5/5/5/5/10/10/5/20/5/10/5/5, his/her total score
would be 125. A score of 125 would be marked on the
entry form/score sheet. Normal rules of soccer regarding
penalty kicks apply for all levels of competition. Penalty
kick violations include stepping on or over the line prior
to the kick, and any contact made with the ball counts as
a kick. Scorers should record shots made and missed
according to the instructions on the entry form/score
sheet. It is also recommended that multiple scorers be
assigned to each goal for scoring accuracy and
comparison. All scores should be verified before the next
contestant is allowed to shoot. The use of video tape
recording is not recommended to resolve questions on
scoring totals. Judges and scorers are given final
authority in verifying all scores and violations.