The Servants of the Pierced Heart of Jesus and Mary

Video of first vows by four Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The Mass and profession took place Jan. 6, 2018, at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Miami.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski Homily - January 6, 2018
At first vows of four Servants of the Pierced Hearts

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Archbishop Thomas Wenski – The Archdiocese of Miami

Archbishop Thomas Wenski preached this homily at the profession of first vows by four Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The Mass and profession took place Jan. 6, 2018, at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Miami.

A while ago, I reviewed a vocation video, and, in the video, one sister who was sharing her vocation story told the story about how one day when she was walking in some downtown area, a little girl saw her, pointed to her and said to her mother: Mommy, look there goes the Church… She said this, because of her habit – and not because of her size.

But the little girl grasped a profound truth about the nature of consecrated life. You “consecrated” are the Church “concentrated” – as it were. Your lives as consecrated religious is at the very heart of the Church – because your radical embrace of the Gospel makes manifest the inner nature of every Christian’s calling. Or, in the words of the Second Vatican Council, “the ultimate norm of religious life is the following of Christ” (vitae religiosae ultima norma sequela Christi).

Pope Benedict once remarked: “Today, as in all ages, there is no lack of generous souls ready to give up everyone and everything to embrace Christ and His Gospel, consecrating their existence to His service with communities characterized by enthusiasm, generosity and joy.” At this Mass, four of those generous souls will profess their vows as sisters, as Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

You vow to live the evangelical counsels: poverty, chastity and obedience and, in this particular institute, a fourth vow of total Marian availability through which each sister places her feminine genius and potentialities at the service of the Apostolic-Petrine Principle, which the world – and too often the faithful – see as simply renunciations. However, they are more than that – for each counsel in its own unique way is a specific acceptance of the Mystery of Christ lived out within the Church. As I said, you are the Church concentrated. And through you and your witness, the evangelical counsels – “characteristic features of Jesus, the chaste, poor, obedient one” – are made constantly visible in the midst of the world.

As the Church “concentrated,” you give us a unique witness to the implication of our own baptismal call to holiness. Your consecrated life is a gift to the Church that makes manifest the striving of the whole Church as Bride towards union with her one Spouse.

Vatican II rightly emphasized all the baptized are called to holiness. Thus, all are equally called to follow Christ, to discover in him the ultimate meaning of our existence.

However, those whose baptismal consecration has developed into a radical response to the following of Christ expressed in vows of poverty, chastity and obedience have a “special experience of the light that shines forth from the Incarnate Word.”

In Pope Saint John Paul II’s Vita Consecrata, an apostolic exhortation delivered after the Synod on Consecrated Life in 1995, he describes religious life as an “Icon of the Transfigured Christ” – for the vowed life does proclaim and anticipate the future age when we will experience the fullness of the Kingdom. When Peter witnessed the transfiguration, he exclaimed, “It is good for us to be here.” And, I can say in the name of all the people in this church this morning, how good it is for us that you chose to be with the Lord, to devote yourselves to the Lord, to make him the one focus of your lives.

Consecrated life is a witness of the search for God. Religious life is not about the seeking of self but rather the seeking of God. The only reason for this choice in life is to seek to know his will, to build a community of brothers and sisters in which God is sought after and loved before all else.

In the world, we see people who are concerned with their own autonomy, people jealous of their freedom, people fearful of losing their independence. In such a world, as religious sisters, you are – and you must be – signs of contradiction. Your existence – in the world but not of the world – points to the possibility of a different way of fulfillment of one’s life, “a way where God is the goal, his Word the light, and his will the guide, where consecrated persons move along peacefully in the certainty of being sustained by the hands of a Father who welcomes and provides, where they are accompanied by brothers and sisters, moved by the same Spirit, who wants to and knows how to satisfy the desires and longings sown by the Father in the heart of each one.”

On behalf of all of us here, but also as the Archbishop of Miami, I thank our soon-to-be newly professed sisters for their enthusiasm, for their generosity, and for their joy. We bring all of this to the Lord – and to his table of sacrifice. May the Eucharist – during which we are privileged to gaze upon the face of the Lord – affirm you and strengthen you in your resolve to give up everybody and everything to embrace Christ and His Gospel.

The Servants of the Pierced Heart of Jesus and Mary

All for the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary

WHO WE ARE: The “Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary” are a diocesan religious institute founded in 1990 by Mother Adela Galindo in the Archdiocese of Miami, Florida, USA.

“We are called to manifest the reign of love of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary as the building force for the construction of a new civilization.”
Mother Adela


To be a living image and presence of the Heart of Mary in the heart of the Church and place our Marian charism at the service of the Petrine principle.

Fundamental Dimensions of Our Charism:

  • Eucharistic…Total dedication of our lives in love to the Eucharistic Heart
  • Marian…Being a living image and presence of the Heart of Mary
  • Charismatic…Actively receiving and communicating the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • In the heart of the church…Generously placing our feminine genius in loving communion and service of the Petrine Principle

Our four vows:

  • Poverty: with a generous and diligent heart, to detach myself of all things to have the Heart of Jesus as my only inheritance and treasure and to freely give all that I am and have for the common good of our Institute.
  • Chastity: with a spousal and undivided heart, to love the Heart of Jesus with a total, oblative and unconditional dedication and to be open to receive and communicate the fecundity that flows from the potency of this communion of love.
  • Obedience: with a receptive and docile heart, to responsibly and effectively dispose myself to fulfill the designs of love of the Heart of Jesus manifested through my legitimate superiors and the government of our Institute.
  • Total Marian Availability: to be a living image and presence of the Heart of Mary and to generously dispose the potentialities of my feminine genius in loving communion and service of the Petrine principle, thus enfleshing our Marian charism in the Heart of the Church.


  • Eucharistic adoration and contemplation
  • A ready openness to the power or the Holy Spirit and to the charisms
  • Total consecration and identification with the Heart of Mary
  • To love, think and live in the Heart of the Church
  • To daily seek conversion in the active exercise of virtue
  • To live and do all things in the spirit of prayer, of heroic love, and of humble service in the fulfillment of duty
  • Fraternal life with joy and simplicity of heart
  • Mature, generous, and responsible disposition to embrace every mission entrusted
  • Integral formation, covering all areas of he consecrated person
  • Apostolic ardor: enflaming the world with the love of the Pierced Hearts

“Witnesses to love” of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Saint Joseph
Saint John the Apostle
Saint Francis de Sales
Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
Saint Therese of Lisieux
Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe
Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska
Venerable John Paul II

For more information about the order and great information about our Catholic Faith go to the Servants of the Pierced Heart of Jesus and Mary website.

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