Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

​“Master, I knew you were a demanding person.” What is your image of God? This is a most profound and important question. It begs our attention.  It needs to be considered. It requires us to ponder and seriously take the question to prayer. How do you see God? What is your image of him? Is God something who is light years in the future or someone from a galaxy far, far away? Is God real? Is he a word in a book or a phrase in an article or a name in someone else’s prayer? Is God so big and powerful that he will crush you or is he a gentle giant that caresses and holds you in the palm of his hand? Is your image of God that of a caring, loving parent or one who is strict, punishing, and demanding? Is he helpful, supportive, and understanding? Do you see God as a father? Is he always there for you or is he always absent?  Perhaps you see God as a person who acts like a boss and is very demanding and not respectful of your time. Is he like a boss? Is he a good boss? Does he reward you for your hard work? Does he encourage you to be a better person? Does he care about you, your family, your future? Does he remind you to worship and rest on Sundays? Is he a good leader and shepherd? Do you hear his voice? Do you want to hear his voice? Is his voice pleasing or annoying to you?  Would you follow him? Does he lead you to places you do not want to go? Is your image of God a friendly one? Can you talk to him as a friend? Does he listen to you? Does he really listen to you? Are you the most important person in his life? Are you the apple of his eye? Can you count on him to keep a secret? Is he reliable? Does he walk with you, cry with you, celebrate with you? Is he there in good times and bad? What is your image of God? It is an important question to consider because how you see God is how you respond to him. If you see God as one who is distant, punishing and unfair we might feel separated, hurt and not cared for. However, if we see God for who he is, kind, loving, generous, merciful, forgiving; then our response should be the same since we are created in his image and likeness. 

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