Fifth Sunday in Lent

“I will place my law within them and write it upon their hearts.”  Our hearts are amazing. They are made for love, for life, for God. The heart is a gift that is precious to God. It is where God chooses to live, to love, to share, to dine, to be. Our hearts are ever so mysterious invoking images as breathtaking as the most splendid sunset on a cloudless night or as glorious as a rose filled garden with hints of fragrances that are ever so sweet and grace filled. A heart can be compared to depths deeper than an ocean or to heights higher than the tallest mountain or to distances as grand and wide as a canyon. The heart can be described as being at times soft and caressing as a gentle breeze on a sunny, warm spring day or as tough as steel or harder than metal or even heavier than concrete but still fragile like paper, glass or clay. And like the sun that streams forth precious rays of light and sunshine to warm and energize our world, the heart sends forth rays of hope, light and love to every part of our body and even brings forth lifesaving remedies to a soul that can be downcast, forgotten or deprived. Our hearts need to be looked after and treated with tender care like a newborn child that requires our undivided attention.  Our hearts need to be held, fed, loved. Unfortunately, a heart is often neglected as a flower deprived of water and light. With no room or opportunity to grow or blossom, it withers, fades and dies. We are thankful God loves our hearts. He wants to cleanse, refresh, renew, restore our hearts. To enlighten, strengthen, lift, improve our hearts. To encourage, fill, embrace, move into our hearts.  Our hearts are made for love, for life, for God. So what is in your heart? Who or what has captured your heart? Can that person or thing heal your heart when it is lovesick or mend it when it is broken?  If I could read the handwriting on the wall of your heart, what would it say to me? Would it say: danger, keep out, private property, enter at your own risk, under construction, closed for renovations, or do not open until Christmas? Or perhaps your heart might say: open for business, all are welcome, a house of prayer, God’s property, one with Christ, Heaven just beyond these doors. Take care of your heart.  It is a precious gift that belongs to God.