The Epiphany of the Lord
by Fr. Ivan Olmo

“Where is the newborn king?”  The heart of the Gospels reveals to us a great longing, an incredible search, a most desired outcome, the hope for a tender loving embrace and a reuniting of a family to its state of holiness once again.  God, our heavenly Father seeks with relentless pursuit and such a passionate longing to rediscover, locate, find and rescue his lost children; all the sheep who strayed so far away from his flock.  God our heavenly Father wants to hold once again his beloved children that have run so far away from the Father’s presence. All the sheep that escaped his loving embrace and gentle touch.  Scripture tells of an amazing love story about a Father who wants all his children to return and come home to their true and eternal dwelling.  With such darkness covering our ability to see the purest of light and hearing, deafened by profanity and such harsh and negative words, the Father must provide a means, a way, a path, a word of encouragement to his children to see, to hear, to say yes to his loving plan and gracious invitation.  The Father sends a care package, a survival kit, the most incredible gift know to humanity.  This most precious gift brings unfathomable mercy, forever forgiveness, gentle kindness, pardon, and peace.  Jesus, God’s gracious gift and most pure light brings us the safest and easiest way back to the Father for Jesus himself is the way the Father has determined, the truth of his sacrificial love and the divine life the Father has chosen for you and for me.  Jesus comes to gather what is lost, mend what is broken and return to the glory of heaven the glorious freedom of the children of God.  Jesus restores us to our original state of holiness.  The King of kings restores us to the created love and innocence that was lost through disobedience.  In his loving obedience to the Father’s will, the Lord of lords renews in us a sacred desire for what is beautiful, good and true.  Jesus restores us to a right relationship and a loving friendship with the Father once again.  Do you know where the newborn king is?  Are you seeking him with the love and perseverance of the Father?  Have you unwrapped the Christmas gift the Father sent you?  Jesus is waiting for you in the manger under the tree.  Seek him like the Magi. Receive him like Mary and Joseph.  Open your ears.  Open wide your heart. The Father is looking for you.

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