Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.” When we spend time in silent reflection contemplating the salvific events surrounding our redemption and exploring the depth of Christ’s love for us in his saving Passion, we are drawn into sacred mystery. We are called to remember, to celebrate, to believe. However, our thoughts lead us to be shocked and scared of what transpired in less than 24 hours. We are afraid to talk about Jesus for this might happen to us. It is shocking and for most Christians difficult to imagine and to think about the horrible events surrounding the Cross and the manner in which Jesus was treated simply because he loved the poor, healed the sick, forgave the sinner, restored the dignity of the broken-hearted and he did this type of “work” on the Sabbath – a day set aside to do good, to give life, to be holy. Jesus died for being kind, for being merciful, for eating with sinners and for feeding his followers. He died because he said he was the Son of God. Imagine being killed by means of such a horrific death because you said and truly believed you were a child of God. The Passion shocks everyone. It even surprises those who asked for it. In his death, Jesus is gone but his body remains.  Early in the morning, Mary Magdalene comes looking to be with Jesus but she comes to be with him in death. She seeks him in this life. She remains with Jesus in death and in sorrow, in anguish and in pain, in mourning and in grief. Imagine her joy and the joy of all the disciples to know Jesus is alive, he is risen. He is truly risen. The longing, the desire, the love for Jesus overflows in the hearts of his disciples. At times, we can stay stuck in the past with all the hurt and pain, with all the discouragement and disappointments, with all the lies and failures. However, Jesus is not there. He is risen. He is here in this moment, right now with you. At times we spend so much time thinking about the future and day dreaming about how things could be better, easier but Jesus is not there living in a made up future with unsuccessful expectations and richly ambitions. He is here in this current moment.  He is here in this place and sacred space. He is risen. He is here right now with you.