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Annunciation Catholic Church Re-opening Information

We have resumed the public celebration of daily Mass in the Church at 7am and 12:15pm, Monday – Friday and 8am on Saturday.

We have resumed the public celebration of Sunday Mass in the Church at our regularly scheduled times – If you arrive on campus for Mass and have not indicated that you will be attending that Mass through the RSVP system, it is likely that we will not have space for you. Click on the link below to RSVP. Thank you for your understanding during this transition back to weekend Mass.

Click Here to view our Parish Calendar

Is there still a Dispensation for Mass? Will you continue to Live-stream Masses?

We realize that people will be at various stages in their readiness to return to Church. If you are part of a vulnerable population or exhibiting any symptoms of sickness, please stay at home. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass granted by Bishop Noonan continues until further notice.

We will continue to live-stream our Mass on Wednesdays at 12:15pm and on Sundays at 10am. We will also continue to live-stream prayer opportunities (Holy Hours and Rosary Prayer) when they are made available.

Visit our Youtube channel.

Do I need to wear a mask? Yes.

You should only remove your mask to consume Holy Communion. Masks are required for Daily Mass, Sunday Mass and private prayer in the Church. We have mask stations available if you forget to bring your mask to Church. Thank you!

Some reminders from the CDC:
· Wash your hands before putting on your mask
· Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
· Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face

How will social distancing be implemented in the Church?

We have identified the pews available for use and installed blue tape marking 6 feet increments to help you gauge for social distancing. Households may sit together keeping six feet in distance from the next people in the pew.

Social distancing reminders are spread throughout the Church.

At the Sign of Peace, please acknowledge those around you with a wave or verbal greeting.

The Church will not accommodate as many people due to social distancing. Will I have to RSVP for Weekend Masses?

Yes. The implementation of social distancing limits the seating capacity in our Church.

  • Due to this limitation, we will need to know that you are coming to a weekend Mass and have set up a simple RSVP system on our website. There you will select an available Mass time and let us know how many in your family will be attending. You will receive an email confirmation. If you need help with reserving a space please call our Parish Office.
  • The RSVP system will open on each Tuesday before the Weekend Masses. Visit our  RSVP page (live at 10am on  Tuesday, May 26th)   An RSVP is not necessary for Daily Masses.
  • We will offer additional Masses in the St. Gabriel Life Center as necessary to accommodate busier Masses.
  • As you approach the Church, a greeter will confirm your RSVP. Please arrive 30 minutes before Mass.


How will the distribution of Holy Communion work?

  • Holy Communion will be distributed only in the form of the Sacred Host. Out of charity and concern for others, Communion should be received only in the hand.
  • Six feet increments have been marked on the main aisles to guide social distancing when forming a single line for Holy Communion.
  • Please follow the instructions of the Ushers to form the single line in each main aisle.

When you have received Communion in the hand, please step to the side, move your mask and consume the Host.



Where do we enter and exit the Church?

Designated doors will be used for entering at the back of the church. Please look for the directional signs as you approach the church building. You may exit through any of the main Church doors.

Please enter through these doors in the back area of the Church.


How do you clean and disinfect the Church?

View the video below to see some of our cleaning procedures between Daily Masses and prayer times. Help us to create a Holy and Healthy experience for all of those that are ready and comfortable to come back to Church. Thank you!

Will I be able to sit in my usual seat?

Ushers will assist in the seating process prior to Mass and in guiding for the Communion line. Please try to sit from the center out. 


What about Holy Water Fonts and Worship Aids and paper Bulletins?

In following the health guidelines, the Holy Water Fonts and the Baptismal Font will not be used.

Worship aids and hymnals will not be available due to current restrictions. Use of your mobile device in silent mode is suggested to access on-line worship aids or you may bring your own worship aid book. Please remember to take your worship aid with you when you leave.

Bulletins are now available in the Narthex.

During Mass in the Church we will continue to project the music and Liturgy Mass parts on the back wall.


What are the Parish Office and Book Store Hours?

We are available in the Parish Office from 8am to 5pm on Tuesdays-Friday. On Mondays we will be open from 8am until 8pm and on Sundays from 9am until 12noon.  Please observe social distancing when visiting. We continue to be available via phone at 407-869-9472 and email.

Visit for a list of Clergy, Religious Sisters and Staff emails. Thank you!

The Bookstore is Open

Monday-Friday: 10:30am – 5pm, Saturday: 4:30-5pm; 6-6:30pm, Sunday: 9:00am-1:30pm.
Candles are available to purchase and can be placed in the Grotto. Contact Terri with questions at 407-215-7666.  Thank you!


I want to go to Confession. Do I have to make an appointment?

  • During this time, Reconciliation will be offered by appointment only.  You may register for a specific date and time on our website at  Please call our Parish Office at 407-869-9472 if you need help setting an appointment. We ask that you register for only one appointment during this first month.
  • The schedule has been structured for a maximum of ten minutes per confession to allow for as many participants as possible. Please respect this limit.
  • Prior to arrival, please review the Examination of Conscience and How to Make a Good Confession materials on our website Reconciliation page.  We will not have any handouts available at Church.
  • As a reminder, celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation is different from “spiritual direction.” Spiritual direction includes offering advice and counsel to an individual in a non-sacramental setting. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is not where this type of interaction is occurs. However, it is a celebration of God’s mercy and forgiveness that sacramentally restores us to the right relationship with God and one another in Christ Jesus.
  • We strongly encourage you to wear a mask during your visit and to practice proper hygiene such as the sanitizing of hands before you enter the Church.
  • Confessions will take place in specified areas within the Church, will be face to face only and will respect the guidelines of social distancing.
  • Designated doors will be used for entering at the back of the Church.  Please look for the signs directing you as you approach the Church building. When you enter the Church you will be greeted by staff to confirm your appointment.
  • Socially distant seating will be available in a designated area to wait for the next available Priest. We cannot accommodate specific priest requests at this time.
  • You are welcome to be seated in the Church for private prayer after your Confession as long as the building is open.