Dear Friends in Christ,

I hope that the academic year has gotten off to a good start for all of our families.  Just a reminder to be extra careful and safe on the roads as school is back in session.  It is very easy to get distracted when driving so please stay focused!

Many of our college students are heading back to campus in the next few weeks as well.  I hope that your continued education is something that you treasure as you gain further wisdom and growth.  If you are away at school, please be sure to visit your Catholic Campus Ministry.  Not only will you be able to continue to develop a relationship with God and the Church but it is a great chance to meet other people of similar faith and values.  If you attend the University of Central Florida, I hope you are aware of the beautiful Catholic Campus Ministry Center located at the corner of McCullough Road and Lockwood Boulevard.  Besides the celebration of Mass, there are many other activities occurring throughout the week.  If you commute to UCF, you are most welcome to participate in the sponsored activities.

Our Faith Formation for Children and Youth programs will begin this week.  Thank you to all who have committed to be Catechists this year.  We have had a wonderful response to registration and need to open up a few more classes, but in order to do so we need more Catechists (teachers).  No prior experience is necessary… just a deep desire to know more about our faith and willingness to share your faith with the children and youth of our parish family.  I appreciate your praying about this very special ministry opportunity!

When you come before the Lord this week, please whisper my name to the Almighty.  Know that I will pray for you, your family and your intentions.  We may not see each other each day, but may we meet each day in our prayers!

In Christ,

Very Rev. Stephen D. Parkes, V.F.