Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir (Grades 3-5) is open to anyone in the parish. There is no audition requirement. The Children’s Choir rehearses on Mondays 4:00-4:45pm in the Academy Music Room. The schedule is listed below. For more information about this and any of our Youth Choirs, please contact Mark McCabe, Director of Music and Worship. 407-869-9472

Solo List March 10th –  10am Mass

Set the World On Fire

Vs. 1  – Senaia Asanya
Vs. 2 – Cristelle Munoz/Catalina Samboy

When He Calls On Me

Jacob Steele

Be With Me, Lord

Claire Marens

How Great Is Your Love

  1. Molly Hammet
  2. Sabria Sego

Desert Song

  1. Kayla Bychinski/Gabriella Sloan
  2. Sarah Zobel/Montserrat Rios Caballero
  3. Catherine Gihon/ Alayna Bugallo

Voice of Truth

  1. Bridget Halpern/Miguel Juezan
  2. Amalia Sego


Go online and listen to the songs!!

Soloists arrive 9:15am to rehearse with Mrs. Ashley

Parents. . .Don’t forget… Change Your Clocks – Spring Forward

Choir                                           Day                      Rehearsal Time                Location Cherub Choir(1-2)                        Mondays                3:30-4:00pm                      Academy Children’s Choir(3-5)                  Mondays                 4:00-4:45pm                      Academy Middle School Choir(6-8)           Mondays                5:00-5:45pm                       Life Center High School Choir(9-12)             Mondays                6:00-6:45pm                       Life Center