Mission Office Annual Collection – This Weekend In the Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana, located in the Dominican Republic, our Mission Office has built a sister relationship based on love, faith, trust, hope, and respect. Here in this deeply impoverished region, staff and volunteers work alongside local families to meet educational, medical and spiritual needs that might otherwise have gone unfulfilled.  Your gift supports the people of the Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana. They are able to benefit from water filtration systems, medical care, home building assistance, and access to educational opportunities. Visit www.cfocf.org/mission-office to donate or learn more.


Message from Parishioners, Bob and Lisa O’Malley

Lisa and I are hosting Karina, a student from the Dominican Republic, while she attends Bishop Moore Catholic High School.

Through the support of the Mission Office and the generosity of the Orlando Diocese and Bishop Moore, Karina moved here prior to her Freshman year. She is now a Junior. She was able to go home to the Dominican Republic for the summer after 9th grade, but because of Covid-19 she was not able to go home last summer.  She has not seen her family in over a year.

Despite being far from home and taking classes in a foreign country, she has excelled academically. Her English has improved dramatically. She is very social and even plays lacrosse at Bishop Moore.

She gets along very well with our kids – Shea, Meagan and Colin – and fits right in with the family. Lisa and I are very proud of Karina.

Karina is very grateful for the support of the Catholic Diocese of Orlando. The education she is receiving at Bishop Moore will help her be a leader in her community in the Dominican Republic.  This would not have been possible if not for the generosity of the parishioners throughout the Diocese.

Karina, Lisa and I appreciate the opportunity to share her story with our Parish and we ask everyone to pray for Karina and the Mission Office, and if possible, to please contribute financially.

“Going to Bishop Moore is the best opportunity that I’ve ever had because I am getting a much better education to help my fellow people in my mountain village. By getting a better education and working hard like I do it will motivate others to do the same and show them that if you try your best good things will come.” Karina