April 16, 2018 – www.orlandocatholicshools.org

The Earth is a beautiful gift from God. As God’s children and caretakers of the planet, it’s important that we teach our children about how they can take care of the Earth, and cultivate their passion for nature. This Earth Day, teach your child to appreciate the world and glorify God through their care for the planet.

Create Good Habits

This is great advice for every age, but particularly for children. If they grow up with good habits, such as recycling, cleaning up trash, and using a non-disposable water bottle, they’ll find it much easier to live a clean, environmentally responsible life as adults.

Teach Them Respect and Responsibility

Recycling and using less energy or water is not necessarily something that will present immediate, tangible results; however, your child will learn how small acts make a difference over time and will become more patient and selfless.

Teach Them to Care About the Future

Change happens in little increments. As parents, we are responsible for raising the next generation of scientists, conservationists, zookeepers, landowners, engineers, and nonprofit CEOs. It’s important to teach them to think ahead and remind them that the Earth is a finite resource and taking care of our planet is all of our responsibility.

Build Their Passions

Children are awe-inspiring in their unmatched passion and determination. Make sure they know that their actions can truly change the world. Give your child the tools to be passionate and the knowledge to take the next step; help him or her find organizations to donate to or volunteer with, and research different environments, ecosystems, and species. Help him or her find their passion!

Make it Fun

Caring for the Earth doesn’t have to be dull! Make a game out of recycling or cleaning up litter. Garden with your children, or teach them about ecosystems and then go explore one on a hike or a kayaking trip. Create a compost bin and watch as your compost slowly transforms into nutrient-rich soil! Your child will love to learn and spend time with you.


How to Raise Children Who Are Passionate About Nature