Annunciation Habitat for Humanity

The next build date is: September 23rd.

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We are working with two families.  Their Bios are below.

Nichole Griggs

Nichole Griggs is feeling blessed and excited for her future for the first time.  She grew up understanding the importance of a home; her grandmother was a Habitat homeowner.

Nichole is a medical assistant at Florida Cancer Specialists and is well aware of the daily struggles of being a single mom.  She describes her daughter Arkenia, 13, as quiet but always wanting to learn something new.  Her son Nigel, 16, has a big heart and always looks for the good in any situation.  They love spending time together and are looking forward to having a little more of that when they have a home of their own.

The family is currently living with a friend, with all of their belongings in storage. For mom, homeownership is a dream that she never really thought would happen.  “For me, it is giving my kids hope and showing them that anything is possible if you work hard and believe”, said Nichole.

Combs Family

Jesse and Tianna Combs are life-long residents of Apopka.  Married for 3 years and together for 10, both were raised by single parents and are well aware of the challenges of growing up in poverty.

Jesse is the 7th of 8 children with a mom who worked 2 jobs to support her family.  Although poor, the family was rich in values; love for each other, never giving up, respecting others and working hard.  Still carrying those values, Jesse is determined to help others and is dedicated to being a good husband and an example to his children.

Tianna’s experienced tragedy at a young age when one of her 3 brothers drowned in a local lake.  Already struggling, her mom turned to drugs to deal with the pain of the loss.  Eventually, Tianna and her siblings were placed in the care of others until they were older.  Later, she became a single parent of a lovely little girl and moved into her own apartment. She worked hard to manage 2 jobs and be a parent as well. Tianna has always dreamed of being a homeowner, making several attempts with housing programs but never succeeded. One day a close friend recommended that she and her husband apply for the Habitat for Humanity program.

Past failures made them hesitant but they decided to give it a try. That attempt just may have been the best decision that they have ever made. They applied and were accepted into the program, and feel blessed to be one of the chosen families for the opportunity of home ownership. They are beyond happy and thankful for the opportunity to be a home owner and excited to begin working with the volunteers on their new forever home.   They are looking forward to the stability it will provide for their family, something that was missing in their own childhood.