New Ministry for Young Professionals What’s the hYPe about?  Our new ministry is called HYPE: Helping Young Professionals Engage.  This is a group for young adults, ages 23-35.  There is a time of life just after college when people feel like their church doesn’t always have a ministry particularly suited to them.  Is that you? Problem solved.  This ministry seeks to build a stronger community amongst young professionals in our parish.  Many nights will be purely social, while some will involve a spiritual talk or possibly a Bible study, and others might entail doing a service project together.  Whatever it is, all nights will be fun!  Come join us Thursday nights at 7pm in the Nazareth Center – St. Joseph’s Room.

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6/22  Dinner and Scripture!  We have another night of looking at the Scriptures and sharing our faith with our young adult buds.  And a chance for yet more free food.  Don’t miss out.  7pm in the Nazareth Center

6/15  Rebounderz?!?  When is the last time you went flying around on trampolines?  If you’re like most young adults, it’s probably been too long.  Come join us for this ridiculous endeavor that is guaranteed to be a good bonding experience.  Then we can all talk about how sore we are the next day. 

6/29  Summertime BBQ!  We like food at hYPe.  We hope you do too.  We will be meeting at the Springs, one of the local neighborhoods, to break out the grill, play some music, and enjoy good company.

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